Candace Barnwell is a South African full-time singer songwriter recording artist born in Kwa Zulu Natal Durban South Africa on 20 June 1990.

1996 v  music started at the age of 6 after being selected as one of a small Group of children to meeting Michael Jackson and join him in singing happy birthday to the then-President and noble peace prize winner Nelson Mandela on his 78th birthday. Celebration at the Sun City holiday resort.

2009 while still in school Candace lent her voice to recording all the English songs for the popular multi-cultural kids show called Rivonigno on SABC TV. Recording took place in Passage One Music Studio under the multiple award winning film and television soundtrack composer, songwriter and musician Neill Solomon.

End of 2010 Candace finished school in the National School of the Arts Contemporary Music department receiving full colours and distinctions in her music subjects.

2011 to 2015 Candace enjoyed success as a independent musician performing first as a cabaret Singer in casinos, theatre’s and show bars. Then Candace collaborated in pop/rock/ dance party bands gigging around Johannesburg, South Africa and other parts of Africa. Bands include the likes of Rumour Has It, The Debater, Out Of the Blue and The After Party Band.

End of 2015 Candace started her own company Africa Reign. Release her 1st single Feb 2016 “Now It’s The Time” .

Candace Social Media Handles

Facebook Artist page: Candace

Twitter: @ Candybabyb

Instagram: @ CandaceBarnwell

Sound Cloud: @ CandaceBarnwell

LinkedIn: @ Candace Barnwell

YouTube: @ Candace Barnwell

Candace Now its the Time

Candace Barnwell

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