Wilson Themba “Shakespear” Tshabalala and Kunda “Dilaman” Watts Mtonga

Wilson Themba “Shakespear” Tshabalala and Kunda “Dilaman” Watts Mtonga

About Crazy Collabos

Crazy Collabos is a collaborative duo formed in 2015 by Dilaman Watts and Shakespear. The name its self was taken from Dilaman Watts because in almost every song they recorded he would mention “this is another crazy collabo”. Crazy Collabos is a movement that is based on true artistry and a desire to be pioneers and set the bench mark. Dilaman Watts and Shakespear describe Crazy Collabos as something both creative and crazy; it’s made of three very different individuals who play in curtain roles that create the Crazy Collabos sound, with a common goal of making the arts sustainable.
The three of us are the core of this collaboration, but we hope to attract artist on all levels to collaborate not only with us but with each other, we are always stronger in numbers.
We represent Africa and how we feel it should be show cased to the world, if we had to put our music in a specific genre, we would call it “African international”
Let’s get Crazy and keep collaborating..!

iTunes download coming in 2 weeks!

Shakespear and Dilaman Watts CC Shakespear and Dilaman WattsSWF