Cresent Lane

Cres City

This is the first mixtape of a four tape series, all music that was originally produced by Flatlune Music cc, this is the project that was put together while Flatline was still ;earning how to be a digital publishing company, this series also allows you to track back how one of our biggest artists: Dilaman Watts came up in the music game, these four tapes are some of his first recordings. the release of these mixes just highlight the fact that Flatline Music is a music lovers label.

Crescent Lane


Crescent Lane is something that was started by some town boys with massive dreams. Kunda Watts Mtonga(Dilaman Watts), Rogerio De Gouviea(Phatlip), Thepo Pohkogwe(Dj Shadow), Mayembe Mtonga(Uncle Chocolate) and Veriance(QueedopeboiFresh). the five of us all had a common goal of making music that we be proud of that would have a global appeal. this was a movement that was started in 2008 and has lost momentum since, but not that Kunda Watts Mtonga and Mayembe Mtonga have got their digital publishing portal  is fully functional the first thing they wanted to do is get work that was never released out, and do it like the coolest record companies and music moguls that they have done it. So about ten years later Crescent Lane finally gets to drop, what a beautiful story, it’s always been about the music…