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Dilaman Watts has been a life time project for Kunda Watts Mtonga, I started rapping at the age of 17 and that is the time I started to find my true identity, always been a music lover, love playing guitar and bongo drums, and I’m a qualified sound engineer(Academy of Sound Engineering). Always had a deep passion for the arts on so many levels and I’m a huge pusher of collaborations with different art forms, we stronger together.

My rap style involves a lot of different art form involve in it and I really enjoy writing meaningful lyrics, the last three year I’ve really grown as an artist and feel ready for the industry, it’s been a long time coming.

My first LP titled ‘Global Vocals’ is a piece of music I took my time to put together, and what a journey it has been, and I’m only at begin. The tape has a range of tracks that take you through the motions, it’s show cases writing ability and versatility as well as raw fresh talent on a ‘Global’ scale.

2014 saw Dilaman hit the screens for the first time with his hit ‘Going Hard’, you can expect the LP for June 2015 ‘Global Vocals’ be sure to look out! Dilaman is already on work on his follow up album and is work with the likes of Tich, G.I.O, Presley, Yishira Bhelz and will keep you updated with further collaborations.

This year is a big year for Dilaman, I plan to impact on a ‘Global’ scale, watch the star shine….

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Dilaman Watts

Dilaman Watts

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