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Mission Statement

Flatline Music


Flateline music was founded in 2010 by Mayembe Mtonga as the sole director, at this point he was helping he current partner Kunda Watts Mtonga (brother) get his music career off the ground, with a view of building a company that would give he and the artist he was working with the structure they needed to progress into professional artist.


Flatline was started for the under dogs and has always really been about artist that are really about the arts, we feel like there is too much talent in south Africa and parts of Africa that just doesn’t get the chance, and that is why Mayembe and Kunda have spent the last four years watching, reading and researching the industry and trying what they have learnt in a structure called “Flatline Music”.


With the things we have learnt and tried some have worked and other not, but the most important this is that we have learnt the best way through it all, five years from when the company was registered Kunda Watts Mtonga was made a partner, the knowledge that they have both gained makes them invaluable to the new age music business they have created.


Our aim is to hand pick special artist that are multifaceted and that is key because this is a multifaceted label that will always encourage the artist to cross collaborate in an attempt to between cultures, at Flatline we really understand that music is a global language and we plan to use this to bring cultures together, representing what diversity is.


Over the next five years we plan to become one of the biggest labels in Africa, knowing that that will give us our dent on the world, we are here to grow and add to the industry. We also know that kind of attention that artist need, with Kunda being an up and coming artist that go’s by the name of ‘Dliaman Watts’ and has just started to gain commercial success.


So with where things are in the music industry today, you need to be flexible and multifaceted to survive and flexibility is the core of Flatline Music’s business approach and structure. We love how all the arts come together and we breading a place where creative thinking out of the box is praized and we believe that cross collaboration is the newest form of creation.